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What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover Me For?

If you are wondering, in regards to public liability insurance, “What does it cover me for?”, there are a great many situation that you can rest easy over. It will cover you for damage and injury claims that customers or other members of the public file against you or your business, whether the situation occurs at your business, your client’s place of work, or anywhere else that you perform work. The very reason that this variety of insurance coverage exists is to protect you against the possibility of these kinds of claims. Public liability coverage also covers other problems that might occur. This includes damage or loss of products during travel and damage or loss of any sort of equipment that you might have hired from someone else.

Why Should I Be Covered?

Even if you are extremely careful, follow all of the rules, and pay attention to every safety guideline, accidents still happen. And in the event that these accidents involve a member of the public, you could get the blame and end up with a claim filed against you or your business. This isn’t likely to occur every day, but even a solitary claim can bankrupt you if you have not made sure that you and your business are protected by a public liability policy. If something associated with your business happened to injure a customer or another member of the public, damaged their property, or caused them to become ill in some way, it is highly likely that they will file a claim against you. This does not even have to be a severe injury or significant damage – not in today’s highly litigious society. In these unfortunate situations, it is most convenient – not to mention a great benefit – to have a public liability insurance policy in place to keep your business going.

Coverage Amounts

Typical public liability insurance policies are based upon Limits of Indemnity. These can go anywhere from £1 million to £5 million. If you have people working for you, though, you are legally obligated to obtain employer’s liability insurance – this provides coverage up to an amount of £10 million. Public liability coverage can pay for injury claims, damage claims, expenses relating to solicitors and court costs, and other legal fees that could be acquired. This kind of insurance coverage is more needed than ever for business owners. While coverage can go up to £5 million, the amount of your coverage is your decision. It is important to consider, though, that injury and damage claims are often awarded by the court in many thousands of pounds.

Coverage Situations

Public liability insurance covers a great many situations. For example, if a customer or other member of the public is injured in an accident in or around your business’ property or by an employee who is doing work for your business, this would be covered. Also covered would be damage to someone else’s property during your services, such as any accidental damage stemming from carpentry or electrician’s work. Customers or other members of the public getting sick or dying because of negligence committed by your workers – such as someone slipping on a wet floor and becoming fatally injured – are covered, as well. Your insurance policy would also cover situations such as someone being hurt on a construction area that is not attended, because it could be ruled that your business failed to make sure that the area was inaccessible to the public. If you are a roofer who is removing tiles from a building and do not have something set up to catch falling things at the edge, a tile could fall and hurt someone below. This variety of situation is provided for in your public liability coverage.

Damages caused because a plumber installed the wrong size or variety of pipe in a customer’s bathroom could cause a claim to be filed against the plumber to enable them to repair or replace their belongings will be covered by your public liability policy, as would injury stemming from someone falling over an electrician’s misplaced wire. If you are a restaurant owner and a customer ends up with food poisoning because you inadvertently stored the food that they ate improperly, the blame can fall to you because your restaurant did not uphold good kitchen hygiene. A painter could have an accident while painting on someone else’s property – a ladder toppling and breaking a piece of furniture could end with the painter and his or her company having a claim filed against it to recuperate the cost of the damaged item. If a construction worker or carpenter left their tools lying on the floor of an area that he or she had been working in and a member of the public comes in, trips over the tools, and becomes hurt, they could sue the carpenter or construction business for failing to make sure that the public was safe in the surroundings. All of the situations detailed here – and many more – can be provided for adequately by a public liability insurance policy, saving your business from potential ruin.

These days, many suppliers and customers will refuse to use a business that does not have public liability insurance coverage. This is particularly true for retailers, tradesmen, restaurants, and construction businesses, which can present a high risk.

What Does It Cover Me For?